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Enabling teams to work collaboratively to create working solutions quickly and effectively in times of change and uncertainty.

At Being Agile we work with creative, social, education and health centred teams and organisations to increase agility and improve their growth, productivity and well-being.

We provide a range of agile training and coaching experiences, delivered through live and online courses and workshops, designed to fit your organisation and team.

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Being Agile in Business

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“Thank you – one of the best training sessions I’ve been on in a long time. Really productive, pragmatic and helpful” Chloe, Cornwall Museums Partnership

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The Being Agile Method

Being Agile is a modern business management method.  A suite of concepts, methods, tools, practices and insights enabling teams to work collaboratively to create working solutions quickly and effectively in times of change and uncertainty.

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The Being Agile Method has been successfully adopted by a broad range of organisations across many business sectors and sizes to improve their growth, productivity and well-being.  

Free Online Course : The Being Agile Mindset & Method
– The Basics

Understand the basics of the Being Agile Mindset and Method with this Free Online Course. Find out if you have an agile mindset, and start applying agile today with the Being Agile Canvas!

“A unified suite of practical tools that will enable all managers to work faster, think clearer and improve their agility.” Ian MacEachern, CMI

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Being Agile in.. Leadership & Culture, Team Working, Project Management, Product & Service Development, Collaboration, Innovation, Transformation.

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Being Agile in Business

A simple and straightforward guide to the Being Agile Method and its application in business for project management, product development, team performance and business management.

Think smart, act fast, be adaptable & get more done.

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