Belinda Waldock

Being Agile Method & Practices – Introduction

12 weeks
All levels
44 lessons
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30 students

Methods, Sprints, Being Agile Canvas, Estimation, Prioritisation & Planning, Retrospectives.

Prerequisite : Custom Course : Introduction to Being Agile.

Add on course and resources for Introduction to Being Agile.

A practical introduction to being agile with guides and exercises to help you immediately apply agile.

Understand and adopt key agile concepts and principles

Gain practical experience of using agile tools and practices

Learn to apply and implement agile methods and practices

Identify when are where to take an agile approach

About the Course

Section 1 – Agile Sprint Method – a core methodology for agile working.

Section 2 – Being Agile Method & Canvas – practically apply key methods, tools and practices with the Being Agile Canvas.

Section 3 – Agile Planning – tools and tactics for estimation, prioritisation and planning.

Section 4 – Retrospectives – tools and games for reflecting and retuning regularly.

Course Details

Duration: This course is flexible, complete the sections and lessons relevant to you. The core content will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete, it is your choice how long you spent on exercises and application.

Access to Course : 12 Weeks

You will receive a Course Certificate upon 80% completion of lessons.

Suitable for all.

Prerequisite : Custom Course : Introduction to Being Agile.

Suggested online pre-learning : Agile Mindset & Approach

Additional Reading : Being Agile in Business by Belinda Waldock – available on amazon and all good book stores.

Additional learning links and resources included provide ample opportunities for further learning.

Follow on Custom Coaching, Courses & Workshops :

Applying Agile Workshop & Coaching

Projects, Product/Service, Business, Teams, Leadership, Culture

Custom courses available on request.

This course is a pre-paid add-on for attendees of our custom Being Agile Training and Coaching Programmes. Part of our Client Hub, it provides supporting resources and materials for learning and reference before and after live sessions.

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Use this course to:

Gain a core understanding of agile as a mindset and method.

Understand key agile terms, and learn how to apply concepts, practices and tools.

Turn ideas into reality using being agile methods and tools.

Identify strengths and opportunities, and uncover barriers and bottlenecks that are limiting your performance.

Introduction to Being Agile

An introduction to agile for improving workflow, managing projects effectively and developing new working solutions quickly.

This course will introduce you to Being Agile, a mindset, strategy and suite of tools to help you work smarter and succeed faster.

Understand and apply agile thinking, methods and tools.

Discover strategies and tools to make you work faster and better.

Find out how to anticipate change and navigate uncertainty.

Gain immediate clarity and control in any situation.

Streamline and improve your day to day workflow.

Uncover new ways to communicate and collaborate.

Course Format

Courses include a variety of learning resources and materials:

Written and video lessons providing step by step guidance.
Exercises and Games – Try out agile with practical activities.
Templates and Tools for applying agile in your own context.
Pause for Thought with coaching questions.
Actions and Activities to get you started.
Tips and Tactics to support your journey.
Case Studies and User Stories of being agile.
Articles and links to further learning.

Belinda Waldock
Belinda is the founder and originator of ‘being agile’, providing custom agile coaching, mentoring and training, working with teams to improve their growth, productivity and well-being. She is an experienced agile guide, qualified business coach, mentor and facilitator, and author of the popular introduction to agile principles, practices, teams and culture, “Being Agile in Business” ( Belinda helps individuals, teams and organisations apply and adapt agile working across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, including, technology, creative, arts & heritage, education, manufacturing, design, finance, HR, marketing, and leadership. She is a regular speaker at conferences sharing her experiences of adapting agile for its wider application in business and in life.
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