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Being Agile in Teams

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Prerequisite : Custom Session : Agile Teams & Leadership

Add on resources for custom sessions on Agile Teams and Leadership.

Access to resources are a pre-ordered add-on for attendees of our custom Being Agile Training and Coaching Programmes. Part of our Client Hub, it provides supporting resources and materials for learning and reference before and after live sessions.

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Duration: It is expected this course will take 30-120 minutes to complete depending on time spent on exercises.

Course access : 12 weeks.

Prerequisite : Custom Session : Agile Teams & Leadership

Additional Reading : Being Agile in Business by Belinda Waldock – available on amazon and all good book stores.

Belinda Waldock
Belinda is the founder and originator of ‘being agile’, providing custom agile coaching, mentoring and training, working with teams to improve their growth, productivity and well-being. She is an experienced agile guide, qualified business coach, mentor and facilitator, and author of the popular introduction to agile principles, practices, teams and culture, “Being Agile in Business” ( Belinda helps individuals, teams and organisations apply and adapt agile working across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, including, technology, creative, arts & heritage, education, manufacturing, design, finance, HR, marketing, and leadership. She is a regular speaker at conferences sharing her experiences of adapting agile for its wider application in business and in life.
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